Namur : succès pour l’opération 100 patrons pour 100 jobs

Explication sur le concept  http://videos.sudpresse.be/video/c6c4e5ccf59s.html

Mais aussi à Mons:





You can also follow FACEJOBB  : https://www.facebook.com/Facejobb



Facejobb is an e-recruitment platform that allows you to insert simple and fast video-presentation.


Once registered on the site, you will be able to introduce your personal data, your credentials, your experience and skills but also the type of job for which you want to be contacted. You can also download documents (CV, letter of motivation or recommendation, etc.) You can bring all this information in once or stop at any time by saving your data  and return when you want.

The insertion of a video presentation is interesting for several reasons:
* Allows to humanize your CV, to bring it to a dynamic dimension
* Allows to express your motivation, your personality, your style
* allows you to “meet” with the recruiter and cross all barriers
* Allows the recruiter to save you time before meeting you and having the opportunity to view your video with your future N + 1, for example, which can speed up the decision-making process.
* enables you to train in job interviews, win in insurance, realize the image you give yourself and possibly work on it…

What to tell via my video presentation?

60 seconds it is short! Therefore go to the core! Here are some tips:
1 Get ready! This is the perfect opportunity for you to master the “first good impression” that you will give to your future employer. Make sure to: have a good brightness, appropriate dress, a good phrase, a smiling face!

2. Don’t be not redundant with your CV, the recruiter already has it! Rather outline what characterizes you beyond your professional biography.

3 Answer the question: “why you?”, in other words: what would be your added value in an organization? Remember your success or what your colleagues say of you, your specific skills, your contributions, your accomplishments in your previous jobs, etc.

4. You are unique! Your video-presentation too!… A recruiter will be able to find similar scores of CV., experience, careers and equivalent qualifications, what will be the difference… is YOU!
Be yourself and do not hesitate to “stand out of the crowd” by providing your personal touch.
If you are a creative: express it through the development of your creations.
If you master several languages: use them in your presentation video!

Shortly said: your video presentation is a tool that enables you to differentiate… 


One response to “FACEJOBB.COM

  1. Good idea. Now to get everyone on this site and to make their own video. It will definitely save time when wading through all the resumes and interviewing process.


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