During my professional career I had a great opportunity to get closer to that “product” that everyone knows (thank you Stéphane C.!)but only a few “initiated” really knows what it’s all about(I am one of them! LOL!)!

Caviar House (Swiss Holding) decided to settle their Coordination Center in Brussels and to develop the Restaurant, Retail and Wholesale activies in Belgium in partnership with the Group Fourcroy.

My apprenticeship as a “caviar-specialist” started in Geneva(Plce de la Fusterie) where Caviar House had it’s “conditioning-labo” under the supervision of my Caviar-Master(see picture taken at Place de la Fusterie, Geneva).

Caviar Master

Caviar Master He “initiated” me to the mysty world of Caviar and teached me all secrets of the profession!!!!(after all I had to start up the same activity from the prestigious location at the famous “Avenue Louise” in Brussels!)

Caviar House PC Knack -

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Delpeyrat, géant du foie gras, se diversifie dans le caviar

Par Keren Lentschner Publié le 13/09/2012 à 19:23  Le Figaro

Delpeyrat, poids lourd du foie gras, lancera à Noël une boîte de 25 grammes de caviar en grande surfaces.

Lire d’avantage:  Il s’attaque à Sturgeon et Labeyrie, qui ont démocratisé les œufs d’esturgeon dans les grandes surfaces. Dernier symbole du luxe dans l’alimentaire, le caviar est en voie de démocratisation. Delpeyrat, poids lourd du foie gras, lancera à Noël une boîte de 25 grammes, vendue 40 euros en grandes surfaces.


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