FACEJOBB is born!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a press conference in Brussels to launch a new platform concept for the human resources industry, specifically for recruitment.

==>We all know that in this period of “Quest for Talent” every innovation bringing candidates to recruiters or vice versa, are most welcome …
==>We also know that social networks now have their reason for being in business …
==>And the video … since the creation of YouTube in 2005,  included our morals to date with over 3 billion video views a day!

Mixed with a lot of wisdom, this gives a new Job board which characteristic is to offer an online recruitment including advanced technology of exportable video presentation.

In other words, the video of the candidate (max 60 seconds) replaces the letter of introduction / motivation. And the recruiter can present the company or the context of the vacancy.

For the creators of the concept nothing could be left to chance, the tool had to meet a precise set of specifications to be:
• friendly
• User-friendly
• Visually pleasing
• “built in mirror” offering the same facilities to the candidate and recruiter
• allowing the best possible match between the search criteria of each other
• focused on the essential: the matching between candidates and recruiters
• distinguished from what exists today
• nothing to be compared to a collection of “forms” to populate
The technical development of this platform is provided by Bluevision, a web agency/company that wants to be at the forefront of innovation in all its businesses.



The concept adds a number of additional advantages to applicants seeking a new challenge:
• the opportunity to “speak” and to introduce himself

• remove all the constraints preventing them from passing the barrier of the first screening
• the candidate to “enter” into the recruiter’s office
• highlight the potential, personality and motivations of candidates beyond the traditional resume.

For the recruiter also:
• to be in direct visual contact with candidates
• avoid missing out on a good candidate because of an unrepresentative CV
• move beyond prejudice by seeing the candidates “in action” rather than stopping on a name, a certain age or other
• reduction of the recruitment process
• opportunity for all internal stakeholders to “meet” the various candidates, speeding up decision-making
• ability to export single attachment with minimal storage space
• Matching with a highly refined search engine

 The first version should be on-line very soon!!!

“Talent in Action” is the slogan of Facejobb which is already on … Facebook!

Las but not least: Jamila Ben Azzouz provides HR and Communication as a partner.

For more information:


Avenue Louise 65 bte 11
1000 Brussels

Tel. : +32 (0) 2 535 79 64


One response to “FACEJOBB is born!!!

  1. Salut,
    Comme tu le sais, je trouve le concept très prometteur et innovant….

    Je pense que la vidéo sera également un véritable atout au niveau pour les employeurs qui recrutent et pour qui les compétences linguistiques sont essentielles.

    A ce sujet, comptez-vous introduire un module “langues” où les candidats peuvent démontrer leur compétences/langue connue (fluidité, prononciation..) ?

    ou alez-vous inciter les candidats à se présenter éventuellement en plusieurs langues ?

    @ + et comme tu le sais, je te souhaite le meilleurs dans cette nouvelle carrière.



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